Eleanor, the One and Only Unicorn

I want to start off by saying that if you haven’t seen the movie, Gone and Sixty Seconds, then you are not a true car fan. Seriously, though, if you haven’t watched the movie with Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Cage, then you need to stop reading this post and go watch the movie. Like, go watch it, RIGHT NOW! It’s one of those classic car movies that is a must for anyone that loves cars. I have to watch it literally every time it comes on television. The premise of the movie is simple, Nicholas cage has to gather up his old crew and steal 50 cars for the hotshot bad guy so that Nicholas Cage’s brother won’t be killed by the bad guy. Now, I’ve simplified the movie tremendously, but it actually is a pretty awesome movie.

Check out a clip from the movie: 

So if you don’t know this scene, then you’re really missing out on a beautiful car moment in movie history. The car they are referring to is, of course, a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500. Probably one of the most amazing cars I’ve ever seen. I personally have never had the privilege is seeing this car in person, but of all the marvelous cars I’ve ever come across, the 1967 Mustang in this movie, a.k.a. Eleanor, is the most astonishing vehicle ever. It’s just such a perfect car, in my opinion. The movie definitely makes it even more incredible with the must-see ending to the film. Eleanor has and will always be my dream car. The elegance, exquisiteness, beauty, and boldness of this beast of a car is just something I don’t get from any other car. My ultimate car goal is to get one of these bad boys and going cruising in it. That would definitely be one of my biggest accomplishments. To me, the car symbolizes greatness and prestige. It’s just such a badass car that it’s hard for me to describe fully in words. I will have this car one day and one day soon. And the struggles that I’ve endured will one day pay off. I definitely have other big goals and I want to live within my means and not spend unnecessary money on things that don’t matter, but Eleanor is different. Eleanor means everything to me, car-wise. Just look at that beauty. How could you not love it!



If you’re interested in checking out the movie or want to see the trailer. Click here for more movie info. I promise you that if you watch this movie, no matter what your favorite car is, they will have it. It’s hard not to hit all the most favorited cars when they have to steal 50 cars. They got every kind of luxury sports car you could ever ask for. I definitely recommend the movie on behalf of the crazy nice cars they have. On top of that, Gone in Sixty Seconds is actually a good movie. This movie came out in 2000, back when Nicholas Cage would make great movies. His movies have been so terrible lately! Not sure what he was thinking.

So yea, check out the movie and Check out Eleanor. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Eleanor the first time they drive it. Let me know what cars you love the most that they showed in the movie or any cars you felt like they missed out! Email me your thoughts: carorcar.com/contact-me.


Thanks again!

Car Guy Dan