Elon Musk and Tesla

I want to take a moment today and talk about the revolutionary car brand known as Tesla. Elon Musk, one of the co-founders of Tesla, is an extremely brilliant man who’s trying to change the world in a major way. Musk has been involved in various projects, including trying to get humans to Mars! Having such an ambition person on your team at Tesla definitely, impacts the company in a great way. Tesla Motors is an American automaker and energy-storage company that was founded in 2005. Their major focus is creating innovative electric cars that are safe, luxurious and beautifully futuristic.

There most recent electric car released last year is the 2016 Tesla Model X. It’s an SUV with falcon doors that open up, autopilot, automatic doors that open by themselves, and even biohazard cabin filters! The giganctic screen on the center dash lets you control almost anything in the car: heat any seat, browse the web, and pull up the owner’s manual electronically. This SUV is so futuristic that it feels like walking into an episode of the Jetsons but in real life. The autopilot system alone is amazing. It has a ton of sonar sensors on the car that can recognize when there’s an object near you and it can even switch lanes by itself. It’s crazy to think that you can actually let the car drive by itself.

Check out this video that shows a bunch of cool features that are found on the Tesla Model X:

I know we mentioned autopilot, but there’s this little thing that happens in the Model X when you hit autopilot 4 times and it’s even more EPIC than the driverless feature!! When you activate the Autopilot 4x, Mario Go Cart Rainbow Road appears on your dash!! If that’s not the coolest thing in the car, I don’t know what is! With that simple feature, I’m sold! The fact that this car has all these amazing, futuristic features is rather impressive and we haven’t even talked about the most important aspect of the car:  it’s an electric car! So not only will you look cool in your Model X from the future, but you’ll also be helping out the planet by driving an eco-friendly vehicle. That’s really revoutionary! Can’t wait until they perfect this and come out with more and more innoviative technologies for cars. I’ll surely be on the look out for the next level types. If you know of any new car thechnologies that have recently come out, please shoot me an email of it. I’m always looking for great vehicles like the Model X.




Car Guy Dan